What is TMS?

Hey everybody! I use the term “TMS” to describe a target pace while erging (exercising on the rowing machine). So what is it? TMS (Two-thousasnd Meter Split) is the average 500m split time from your personal best 2k erg. Concept2 has a pace calculator to determine the average 500m split time if all you have is the final number for the piece. Just enter your distance and time, then hit “Calculate Split”. Here’s mine:



I round up to 1:43 for my TMS number.

This is a great way to set an intensity metric based on an individual athlete’s abilities. Say, you want to do an intense 250m piece. You set your pace goal to be TMS-15. If you want to have an easy distance piece, use a goal of TMS+10. The lower the 500m split time, the more intense the piece is.

I have a funny story about mistaking what the split time is. I was on an erg at the YMCA pulling a 1:45 split at about a 24 stroke rate. A fellow in a Crossfit shirt comes up and said, “If you go a little faster, you’ll be able to get that to a 2:00”. I gasped in reply, “That would be worse…” He raised his hands in disgust and said, “Just trying to help…” and walked away. I looked for him after my piece and couldn’t find him. Oh well…

Have fun!


Tampa Athletic Club Scrimmages

Tampa Athletic Club Rowing Scrimmages – Sunday, April 13, 2014

Below are a series of videos from the scrimmage practice held on Sunday, April 13, 2014 by The Tampa Athletic Club. The scrimmages were between a mixed Masters 4 and a women Masters novice 8. I mounted a GoPro on the stern of the 4.

The first video is of the 4 practicing racing starts.

This is the video of the first race.

Here is the second race. The 8 took off early and had about 30m on the 4 at the start. The 4 quickly closed that gap.

Here is the final race. Again the 8 had a head start that was quickly eliminated. I did make a little editing mistake and the title screen for this video says it’s race 2.

It was a great day to be on the water and our novice rowers are doing great!


WOD 4/16/2014

Chuck-Fit WOD 4/15/2014

Stationary bike — 20 miles in 30 minutes

Today is a semi-rest day to recover from the Disasterpiece workout yesterday and in preparation for the 10 day, Western  Australia Rowing Clubs Top 10 Moat Painful Ergs Challenge.



More to follow on the challenge.


WOD 4/13/2014

Chuck-Fit WOD 4/13/2014

Today is a rest day.

A rest day doesn’t mean spending the day sitting on the couch. Get out! Take a walk or take a leisurely bike ride. I will be out doing some relaxing rowing and supporting my club’s learn-to-row class today.

Have fun!


Salmon Ladder Pull-up Exercise Demo

The salmon ladder is one of my favorite pieces of exercise equipment. I built it myself in my garage. How to build your own will be the subject of a future post. The salmon ladder is a great exercise for rowing because it teaches the application of controlled yet explosive power from your core through your arms and hands while maintaining the symetrical flow of that power and, of course, balance.

Before attempting these types of exercises, be sure your shoulder girdle is good and strong. Do a few months of regular pull-ups, push-ups, and dips.

This is a demonstration of a salmon ladder pull-up.

  1. With the salmon ladder bar in your hands, jump up and catch the 8′ hook.
  2. Do a complete pull-up–don’t cheat and use the momentum of you jump to assist with the pull-up. and come all the way down.
  3. Pull back up until your arms are about 90 degrees.
  4. Dismount the salmon ladder.
  5. Repeat.

If you don’t have access to a salmon ladder, use a high pull-up bar. Jump up catching the bar. Do a complete pull-up. Come back up until your arms are at 90 degrees and simulate a salmon ladder dismount.

Here is a video demonstration.