What is TMS?

Hey everybody! I use the term “TMS” to describe a target pace while erging (exercising on the rowing machine). So what is it? TMS (Two-thousasnd Meter Split) is the average 500m split time from your personal best 2k erg. Concept2 has a pace calculator┬áto determine the average 500m split time if all you have is the final number for the piece. Just enter your distance and time, then hit “Calculate Split”. Here’s mine:



I round up to 1:43 for my TMS number.

This is a great way to set an intensity metric based on an individual athlete’s abilities. Say, you want to do an intense 250m piece. You set your pace goal to be TMS-15. If you want to have an easy distance piece, use a goal of TMS+10. The lower the 500m split time, the more intense the piece is.

I have a funny story about mistaking what the split time is. I was on an erg at the YMCA pulling a 1:45 split at about a 24 stroke rate. A fellow in a Crossfit shirt comes up and said, “If you go a little faster, you’ll be able to get that to a 2:00”. I gasped in reply, “That would be worse…” He raised his hands in disgust and said, “Just trying to help…” and walked away. I looked for him after my piece and couldn’t find him. Oh well…

Have fun!


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