Chuck-Fit WOD 7/8/2015 — The 2k Test, Here Comes the Pain

Hey Everybody!

Short but tough WOD today.

Rowing is a sport of extreme fitness. This endeavor requires cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, muscle endurance, mental toughness and pain tolerance. There is no better test of these characteristics than the 2k erg test. It hurts, and it hurts a lot if done right. Doing it right requires some preparation. To quote Yogi Berra, the 2k test “is 90% mental — the other half is physical”. Let’s break the it down.

The best way to tackle a 2k erg is to keep the pace consistent. Find your goal split and keep it there. During the first 250m, the nervous energy wears off and you find your pace before lactic acid returns to your legs and they begin to complain. This happens around 350m and the piece starts getting fun. Hold your split. if it begins to jump around, settle down and find the happy spot. At 500m in, take a Power 10, take 10 strokes dropping your split 2 or 3 seconds. This opens the toughest 500m of the piece. It takes mental toughness to hold the split because it hurts and your not even half way done! It’s make or break–if you back off for a few strokes here, your piece will crash and burn.

At the 1000m mark, take a power 20. Your here and alive and kicking MAXIMUM ASS! ATTACK! Races are won in the middle.

900m is a liberation, your holding your split and you’re more than half way done. Hold the split until 700m and drop it a second. You’ll see you average split drop after a few strokes. Ready for the last 500m?

At 500m, power 20, drop it 2, DO NOT DROP BELOW YOUR GOAL SPLIT WHEN THE POWER 20 IS OVER! Carry that power to the last 200m. The last 200m, you empty the tank. Expend all of your reserves. Stay long in the legs and don’t shorten your stroke. Your legs are burning and cramping, short stroking is the easy way out! Don’t do it!

Once you hit zero and are done, paddle it out. Revel in you 2k test!

Post your times.

Coach Charlie



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