WOD 6/11/2014

Hey Everyone,

I know it’s been a while. I’ve been struggling with my knee. So here’s today’s WOD. I have pre-op physical therapy exercises to do. If you look at them, they really don’t seem that bad. Maybe it has to do with my knee being weak, but, the routine is exhausting…

Pre-op Home exercises:
Crossover hamstring stretch
Quad set, 1 x 30, hold 5 sec.
S-I Isometric adduction, 1 x 30, hold 5 sec.
Straight leg raise, 3 x 10, 2#
Short arc quad, 1 x 30, 2#
Prone hamstring curls, 1 x 30, 2#, hold 5 sec.
Long arc quad, 1 x 30, 2#, hold 5 sec.

100 push-ups
30 dips
5 x 7.5# wrist rollers — both directions

Lunch gym:
30 minute erg
Handstand work

Have a great day everyone!

What do you think?