Chuck-Fit WOD 7/29/2015 — Hour of Pain

Good morning, USF Crew!

This WOD is a challenge! One of my favorites. It’s been said that seconds on the water are paid for by hours in the gym. Today’s workout is one of those hours. Workouts like this EARN you those crucial seconds. 

Hour of Pain Circuit 1:
This circuit is six exercises completed with a 45# weight bar and a bench–women may use a lighter body bar. Each exercise is done continuously for one minute and the circuit is repeated three times with 60 seconds of rest between each set.

3 rounds:
60 sec. standing Bicep Curls
60 sec. sitting Press Behind the Neck
60 sec. lying Bench Press
60 sec. lying Triceps Press
60 sec. standing Bent Over Rows
60 sec. standing Straight Arm Canoeing
60 sec. rest

Hour of Pain Circuit 2:
This circuit is five exercises; squat jumps, press ups, burpees, sit ups and running. Start with ten squat jumps, then run 30m, do ten push ups, run back and do 11 squat jumps, followed by a 30m run, then 11 push ups. Continue until you have completed 25 reps on both squat jumps and push ups. Replace squat jumps with burpees and press ups with sit ups. Starting at ten reps work up to 25 reps again. This is designed so that the faster you go the more rest you have. If you do not complete all of the reps in the 20 minutes, remember where you are and finish them at the end of the hour.

10–>25 Squat jump
30m Run
10–>25 Push-ups
30m Run

10–>25 Burpees
30m Run
10–>25 Sit-ups
30m Run

Hour of Pain Circuit 3:
This circuit consists of three six minute sessions of upright sculling, with one minute of rest between each. The rate should reflect what time of the training season you are in, we are in the preparation phase so shoot for 18 to 22 repetitions per minute.

3 x 6 min. Upright sculling, 1 min. rest

Here are descriptions of the exercises:

Bicep Curls

Method: Hold the bar in front on your thighs with the palms of the hand pointing upwards. Bend your arms upward bringing the bar to the chest as close to the body as possible. Lower in a controlled manner back to the start position.

Press Behind the Neck

Method: Sitting with your back upright start with the bar resting on your shoulders. Straighten your arms, lifting the bar to above your head. Lower slowly to the start position.

Bench Press

Method: Lying flat on your back on a firm bench, knees bent and feet on the floor, letting the bar rest across your chest. Hold the bar with your palms forward and your arms bent then extend your arms upwards and hold the bar above your chest. The bar should be raised and lowered vertically. Lower the bar to the start position but do not let the bar rest on the chest between exercises.

Triceps Press

Method: Start with the bar held above your chest, with your arms straight. Bend at the elbows lowering the bar until the forearms are horizontal. Then lift the weight back to the start position.

Bent Over Rows

Method: With your knees slightly bent, body at 45°, raise the bar from straight arms to the chest. Keep the body as still as possible.

Straight Arm Canoeing

Method: Standing upright, hold the bar in front of you with straight arms. Rotate the bar in a canoeing action so that each end creates large circles.

Upright Sculling

Start in a standing position, squat down opening your arms so that your hands do not touch the floor. Your thighs should be just below the horizontal. From this position stand up drawing your arms through. To make the exercise more explosive jump up from the squat position whilst drawing the hands through.

Enjoy! Comment on how you did!

Coach Charlie

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