Chuck-Fit WOD 5/28/2015 — Stability Day

Hey Gang!

It’s time to get back into the swing of the Chuck-Fit WOD! A good start is a stability day. USF rowers. Look at the picture, kneeling on a stability ball is the position for all of the exercises listed except the handstand. Pick out a nice, firmly inflated ball and try it out. I will be posting videos in the next week or so.


25# one hand overhead

100 push-ups
30 dips
5 x 7.5# wrist rollers—both directions

Stability Ball Balance Day:
Kneel 120sec
25# over head 60sec
25# one hand overhead 60sec each side
8k ball overhead toss x 10
25# curl x 10 each side
25# shoulder press x 10 each side
25# compound x 10 each side
25# low dumbell crossover toss x 10 each side
Handstand work

PM Erg:
Easy 5k–TMS +10

Have fun and post questions, comments or results below.


What do you think?