Chuck-Fit WOD 7/22/2015 — Ab Circuit

Today’s Chuck-Fit WOD!

Core strength is important in any sport. It’s especially important in rowing because a strong, engaged core is the focal point for the “conduit of power” transferring your leg strength to the oar handle during the drive. This is an example of one of our core circuits.

100 push-ups
30 dips
5 x 7.5# wrist rollers–both directions
10 pull-ups

Main Workout:

5 rounds 60 sec rest between rounds
120 sec plank
30 sec crunch
30 sec bicycle
30 sec penguin
30 sec Russian twist (Men use a medicine ball)
30 sec side plank right
30 sec side plank left
30 sec straight leg raises
120 sec plank

60 minutes of cardio at medium to harder effort


Coach Charlie

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