Chuck-Fit WOD 7/24/2015 — Football Relay Run

Hey USF Crew!

For today’s WOD grab a partner and a football!

100 push-ups
30 dips
10 pull-ups
5 x 7.5# wrist rollers–both directions

Main workout:
You and a partner start on a run. One is carrying a football. After 100m in, the person without the football sprints ahead. Once they reach about 10-15m ahead the individual with the football calls the sprinters name and throws the football to them. The sprinter will turn and catch the ball. The other individual becomes the sprinter and will sprint ahead of the new ball carrier until they are 10-15m ahead and repeat. It may take a few times to establish a cadence. Do this for 30 minutes. My old coach made us add a minute for every time we missed.

If you have no football or partner, 45 minute run.

Have fun!

Coach Charlie

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