Chuck-Fit WOD 4/25/2014 — The 2k Test

I’ve lost count of where I am in the WA Rowing Club’s Top 10 Most Painful Ergs WOD challenge… Probably because, like any rower, the mere mention of a 2k test causes a complete mental shut-down… My PR is a 6:50. As sore as I am from the rest of the challenge, I doubt I’ll break 7:00…
BS Story
Although not actually nominated by anyone, it was already a given this would make the stop of the list. If you want to know why, watch this: The 2K test can break the best of us, even the patron saint of rowing, Sir Steve Redgrave.

Have fun!

Chuck-Fit Using the Concept2 PM3/4 Pace Boat Feature

Hey everybody! Here is a video that covers one of my favorite features of the Concept2 Indoor Rower equiped with a PM3/4 monitor–the pace boat.


I’m a competitive individual and I like instant feedback on how I’m doing in a race or a piece on the erg. The pace boat feature allows you to set a pace goal and give you that instant feedback on where you stand at any given point during that piece. You can also use the pace boat feature to help you reach a goal time for a particular distance. Say you wanted to row 17:50 5k. Open the Concept2 online pace calculator enter 5000 meters for the distance, 17 minutes 50 seconds for the time, then click “CALCULATE SPLIT”. The pace calculator will return a 500m split of 1:47. Enter 1:47 for the pace boat when you’re setting up your workout and stay ahead of the pace boat for your piece!

Without further adieu, here is the demonstration video.

Have fun and happy erging!



WOD 4/19/2014

Chuck-Fit WOD 4/19/2014 — Bad Knee Day

The bad thing about severe osteoarthritis of the knee is that there are days when it flairs up and hurts. Fortunately, it only lasts for a day or 2. Yesterday, I only did push-ups, dips and wrist rollers. I’m taking a few days off from the 10 Most Painful erg challenge. Feel free to continue the challenge if you’re currently participating. Continue reading